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Garbage will be picked up every Monday morning.  Recycling will be picked up alternating Monday mornings. All garbage and recycling must be set out by 7:00 a.m. Pickup for holidays will be the next business day. Residents will get once a week trash pickup. You will be provided one garbage and one recycling toter. No yard waste will be accepted. Paint cans must have all lids and liquid removed.

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The following items are considered appliances and require a tag that can be purchased at the city office for $15.00 per tag.


  • Dehumidifiers

  • Air Conditioners

  • Stoves and Refrigerators

  • Washing Machines and Dryers

  • Hot Water Heaters

  • Dishwashers and Freezers

  • Microwaves and Gas Grills (No Propane Tanks)

  • Cast Iron Items

  • Water Softeners

  • Lawn mowers and Snow blowers


  • Tires require a $5.00 tag.

Garbage and Recycle Pickup Schedule

Refuse Ordinance

 City Owned Yard Waste Site

The City of Delhi allows residents to dispose of their yard waste, at 404 Franklin St, Delhi, Iowa, behind the fire station.


 City-owned yard waste location rules:

  • Items allowed: grass clippings, leaves, tree branches shorter than 12’ long, garden

waste, and brush.

  • Only yard waste located and generated from within the corporate limits of Delhi,

Iowa may be disposed.

  • Business “trade waste” is not allowed, even if it is from a resident of the City of


  • Mix With Solid Waste: No yard waste shall be intermingled with other solid waste.

  • Yard waste may be delivered to a site designated by the city for the deposit of yard waste, brush and tree limbs. All bags shall be removed after depositing any yard waste at the designated site.


Items NOT allowed: whole trees, root balls, bags, concrete, wire, garbage, appliances or white goods, household goods or waste, furniture, any hazardous waste or materials, used oil, solvents or lead batteries, tires, lumber or building materials, metals of any kind, recyclable materials, paper and cardboard. Only yard wastes are allowed to be disposed at the city-owned yard waste location.


Is dumpster diving allowed in Delhi?

No. Please see the Refuse Ordinance for the Anti-Scavanging clause

I am new in town and need to start garbage service

Contact the City Clerk to submit a utility application to begin garbage collection, water utility

When do I put out my recycling toters?

Recycling is every other Monday. See the collection schedule on the garbage information page of this website

I need to replace my Garbage Can?

Contact Kluesner Sanitation at 563-927-5977 or the City Clerk to get replacement toter. Fee may apply

Garbage & Recycling

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