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Below is a brief outline of our permits and licenses. Please refer to the full code of ordinances for further information or contact the City Office.

City Code of Ordinances

To keep Delhi beautiful, please follow the adopted code of ordinances

Forms may be emailed to the Clerk.  Conveniently pay your fees online by following the link below.  

ACH Authorization for Utilities

Building Permit

Golf Cart Registration

Street Cut Fee

Utility Application

ACH Authorization for Utilities

Automatic Payments for Utilities

Golf Cart Registration

3-3-127 OPERATION OF A GOLF CART PERMITTED. Golf carts may be operated upon the streets of the City by persons possessing a valid Iowa operator's license, and at least eighteen (18) years of age, except as prohibited in Section 3-3-128 of this chapter. No one shall operate a golf cart as permitted hereunder if the number of passengers riding thereon exceeds the number of avaliable seats.

3-3-128 PROHIBITED STREETS. Golf carts shall not be operated upon any State Highway (Hwy38) which is a primary road extension through the City. However, golf carts may cross such a primary road extension.

3-3-129 EQUIPMENT. Golf carts operated upon City streets shall be equipt with at least the following.
1. A slow moving vehicle sign.
2. Bicycle safety flag, the top of which shall be a minimum of five (5) feet from ground level.
3. Golf carts operated on City streets shall be equipt with adequate brakes.
4. Reflectors on front and back.

3-3-130 HOURS. Golf carts may be operated on City streets only between sunrise and sunset.

3-3-131 SPEED. No golf carts may be operated on any City street at a speed in excess of twenty-five (25) miles per hour.

3-3-132 PERMITS. No person shall operate a Golf Cart on any public street, or alley for any purpose unless the operator possesses a City of Delhi permit to poerate a golf cart on City streets, issued by the City Clerk.
1. Golf cart owners may apply for a permit from the Delhi City Clerk on forms provided by the City.
2. The Clerk shall not issue a permit until the owner/operator has provided the following: a. Evidence that the operator is at least 18
years of age, and possesses a valid iowa driver's license. b. Proof owner operator has liability insurance covering operation of golf carts
on City streets.
3. The operator of a golf cart shall display the Delhi permit sitcker prominently on a rear fender or similar component.
4. All permits issued shall uniquely identify the name and address of the owner/operator
5. The fee for such permits shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) renewed annually.

Utility Application

New Resident Water and Garbage Application

Building Permit



3-13-1 Purpose 3-13-5 Expiration
3-13-2 Building Permits Required 3-13-6 Suspension or Revocation
3-13-3 Application 3-13-7 Fee
3-13-4 Permit Issued

3-13-1 PURPOSE. A system for the issuance of building permits is hereby established for the purpose of registering all construction within the City of Delhi.

3-13-2 BUILDING PERMITS REQUIRED. Building permits will be required for any person, firm or corporation before a building or structure can be erected, constructed, enlarged, or cause the same to be done. Building permits can be obtained from the Clerk-Treasurer. During temporary absence or disability of the Clerk-Treasurer, the governing body of the City shall designate and alternate.

3-13-3 APPLICATION. To obtain a permit the applicant shall first file an application therefore in writing on a form furnished for that purpose. Every such application shall include:

1. Description of Work. Identify and describe the work to be covered by the permit for which application is made.
2. Location. Describe the land on which the proposed work to be done by lot, block, track, and house and street address. Or similar description that will readily identify and definitely locate the proposed building or work.
3. Use or Occupancy. Indicate the use or occupancy for which the proposed work is intended.
4. Plans and Specifications. Be accompanied by plans and specifications for the proposed construction.
5. Value. State the valuation of the proposed work.
6. Signature. Be signed by the permittee, or the permittee’s authorized agent, who may be required to submit evidence to indicate such authority.
7. Other. Give such other information as reasonably may be required by the City Council.

3-13-4 PERMIT ISSUED. The application, plans and specifications filed by an applicant for a permit shall be checked by the City Council. Such plans may be reviewed by other departments of the City to check compliance with the laws and ordinances under their jurisdiction. If the City Council is satisfied that the work described in an application for permit and the plans filled therewith conform to the requirements of this chapter and other pertinent laws and ordinances, and that the fee specified herein has been paid, it shall issue a permit therefore to the applicant.

3-13-5 EXPIRATION. Every building permit issued under the provisions of the Code shall expire twelve (12) months from the date of issue, unless the application is accompanied by a construction schedule of specific longer duration, in which instance the permit may be issued for the term of the construction schedule. If the work has not been completed by the expiration date of the permit, no further work shall be done until the permit shall have been renewed by the owner or his or her agent and provided no changes have been made in plans or location. No permit shall be renewed more than once.

3-13-6 SUSPENSION OR REVOCATION. The City Council may, in writing, suspend or revoke a permit issued under provision of this chapter whenever the permit is issued in error or on the basis of incorrect information supplied, or in violation of any ordinance or regulation or any of the provision of this chapter.

3-13-7 FEE. A fee of $25.00 for each building permit shall be paid to the Clerk-Treasurer at the time the application for building permit is submitted to the City.

Street Cut Fee

6-6-1 Excavation Permit Required
6-6-2 Application for Permit
6-6-3 Permit Fees
6-6-4 Safety Measures
6-6-5 Backfilling and Restoration
6-6-6 Rules and Regulations
6-6-1 EXCAVATION PERMIT REQUIRED. Excavating within the right-of-way of public
streets and alleys, and of public grounds, and the cutting of surfacing or pavings of the traveled
way therein, shall not be done by any person, firm, association, or corporation without obtaining
a permit from the City Clerk-Treasurer.
6-6-2 APPLICATION FOR PERMIT. No person shall commence excavation in any public
street or public ground until that person has applied to the City Clerk-Treasurer for an excavation
permit. Such application shall indicate the location of the excavation, the name and address of
the applicant who is to do the work, whether public liability insurance is in force, and that the
applicant has checked the underground map of all utilities, and other owners of underground
facilities, and that the applicant has notified those persons or companies of the time that
excavation will commence. The making of an application shall be deemed notice to the City of
the plan to cut the street surfacing or pavements, and to obstruct the public way. Such permits
shall not be valid until six hours after receipt unless the Clerk-Treasurer waives this requirement.
In an emergency, authorized persons or companies may commence excavations provided that
they shall have made a reasonable effort to inform the City and the utilities whose underground
utilities might be involved in any way, and those involved in the excavation shall make written
application at the earliest practicable moment. The Clerk-Treasurer may provide on the form for
the certification that the applicant has notified all utilities and other parties required by this
6-6-3 PERMIT FEES. The permit fee shall be $50.00 for the cost of each inspection. A
single excavation shall be deemed to constitute all the digging necessary for a single connection,
or a cut for installing a main not exceeding 100 feet in length. An additional fee of $15.00 shall
be required for every additional 100 feet, or major fraction thereof, of main excavation.
(Amended during codification)
6-6-4 SAFETY MEASURES. Any person, firm, or corporation cutting a pavement or
surfacing or excavating in the streets shall erect suitable barricades, maintain warning lights from
sunset to sunrise each night, and take such other precautions as necessary for the safety of the
public, whether vehicles or pedestrians. Vehicles, equipment, materials, excavated material, and
similar items shall likewise be protected by lights and warning devices, such as traffic cones,
flags, etc. Where traffic conditions warrant, the party excavating may be required to provide
flagmen, if in the judgment of the chief of police the public safety requires it. Compliance with
City ordinances and regulations shall not be deemed to waive the requirements that the party
excavating shall comply with all the requirements of the labor safety laws and the rules of the
Iowa Department of Labor, nor shall any failure be deemed a responsibility of the City.
6-6-5 BACKFILLING AND RESTORATION. Any person excavating in the streets shall be
responsible for the backfilling of the excavation in accordance with City specifications and the
restoration of the pavement or surfacing to as good a condition as that existing prior to the
excavation. If any excavator fails to backfill or restore the pavement or surfacing properly within
forty-eight hours of the completion of the underground work, the City reserves the right to
backfill and resurface or install new paving and charge the cost thereof to the party excavating. If
any backfilling or pavement or surfacing restoration is not in accordance with the City
specifications, the street superintendent is authorized to remove such material as is necessary and
to backfill and restore the pavement or surfacing properly.
6-6-6 RULES AND REGULATIONS. The City Council may by resolution establish such
rules and regulations for the manner of making cuts and related matters involving excavations.

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